About Michael

Michael Ryan was born and raised in San Francisco California. He is still there practicing architecture. He lives close to the Golden Gate Bridge and wouldn't have it any other way.

More of the Container Buildings!

Good afternoon dear reader,

Here are some new photos of a model mock up kit I made. As I am trying to get as many containers/apartments onto the current site as possible, and with the computer being too slow for quick “sketches” and changes, I have cut 1″=30′ scale blocks out to simulate 40 foot and 20 foot containers. This is the fun part.

An open courtyard solution

Street Corner Aerial View

A simple stacked solution. not my favorite, but efficient.

Its Live!

So the Project Ā I worked on. Ie. the USB Bear Toy, has officially launched its website. Please look here for more info! Thanks again for letting me work on this great and fun project. Please note: you can see my hands in some of the video on the front page šŸ™‚

Thanks, Michael


USB Bear

Here are two final prototype models of a USB Storage Device two friends and I have been working on. We hope to bring it to production and actualĀ distributionĀ in the US at least! The name of the product is PapaBehr, and its supposed to be a cross between an action figure and usable USB storage device. Take a look at these photos. The design and story are by David Nguyen, the models are built and printed by Tuy Buckner, and painting was done by me! Michael Ryan; Enjoy! Thanks for looking. Here is a link the maker Papabehr.com